2012, Day 1…Bad Credit, No Problem!

Well, God’s shown us again that he’s sovereign! I brought in 2012 with my family playing DJ Hero and being reflective on how far God has brought us from. God be praised for his faithfulness!

Today was an uplifting day of worship at the Canaan Community. I began a new series titled It Shall Be Well in 2012. It’s a 4 part study through 2nd Kings 4. Today’s focus was on the first 7 verses and the label of the lesson was Bad Credit, No Problem. I sought to prove this principle that our problems are no problem in the presence of God’s power.

Here are the foundational facets:

1) Serious Issue…verse 1

2) Specific Instructions…verses 2-4

3) Sensational Impact…verses 5-7

The practical life lessons is what made the text personal: Bad credit is no problem when…

1) you stop attempting to escape its existence (verse 1-2a)

2) you stop crying over what’s lost and capitalize on what’s left (verses 2b-4)

3) you stick to the plan (5-7)

Next week we’ll study about Blessings for Blessers…I’m looking forward to preaching about the woman from Shunam.

Thank God the Steelers beat the Browns and we’re playoff bound!

It’s a busy week ahead, but I’m comforted and hope you are as well in knowing that the same God that’s brought us this far, is the same God that will lead us on!

Peace, progress and prosperity be with you this week!

This weeks scripture studies are…

2nd Kings 4:8-37 & Matthew 5:1-12

Be better this week!

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